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Reason for Polyamory

Am I polyamorous for a reason?

I truly believe that I was born Polyamorous, and it took me more than 40 years to realise it. I wanted to share all the reasons that explain why why polyamory is the emotional connection style that best fits me. I’ve added contributions from other people at the bottom of this post. People come into …

Jealousy in Polyamory (video)

Video: Jealousy in Polyamory

On 1st April I spoke on Instagram Live together with Manu @polyamory_awareness about what happens when we experience jealousy in polyamorous and open relationships. This is about a 1 hour talk where we discuss what triggers jealousy and how to handle these emotions. We take many, many questions from the viewers! You can also listen …



It’s a term I coined to replace ‘non-monogamy’ as the blanket category of all non-exclusive, multi-partner relationships. Play to hear the pronunciation Over time, as I keep hearing and reading about ‘non-monogamy’, I have become annoyed with people using the term (with the implied ethics and consent consideration that adds a prefix to it). Describing …