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In a coaching session, I offer support, motivation, practical advice and insights. The first session is mainly about context: Understanding your needs and expectations, knowing your background and providing reflections and insights.

In some cases, a single session or double session is all that is needed to help clarify thoughts and process challenges. In most cases, we will structure a plan that sets goals and objectives to where you’d like to be in the end. This may take between 4-8 sessions. If I feel that you are better served by having counseling, we can discuss the options.

You can ask me about relationship dynamics, how to get started with opening-up, how to deal with jealousy or anything else related to relationship communication, healthy boundaries and personal fulfilment. Whether you are single, in a monogamous or non-monogamous relationship, I offer a judgment-free, empathetic space for you to share and process.

The work can be about romantic and sexual issues, self-esteem and image, family relationships, or work challenges. My approach is inclusive of all genders, identities, kinks and is sex-positive and non-judgemental. I look for what works best for my clients without any preset agenda. This includes also working with monogamous people.

Once booked, please look for an email confirmation from Open Relating with a link to the online meeting. You have the option above to select a block of several sessions, at a discount.

Remember to check your SPAM box in case the confirmation email accidentally ends up there (emails may come from or

  • You have the option to check the box for a 4,6 or 8 sessions.
  • The package applies a discount immediately, along with booking your first appointment.
  • 4 session package: £90 per session, valid for 5 months
  • 6 session package: £85 per session, valid for 7 months
  • 8 session package: £80 per session, valid for 12 months

8 reviews for Coaching – for individuals

  1. C.

    As someone new to ethical non-monogamy I had a lot of confusing feelings and thoughts going into this new chapter in my life.
    Roy has been beyond stellar with support and non judgemental understanding, offering ideas and new ways of thinking that have substantially helped me.

  2. J.

    Roy has a rare knack of explaining concepts that have been on my radar for ages but never clicked (until now!). In our session he covered loads of material and managed breadth but also depth. I now feel really confident discussing these ideas with my partner – I’ve been armed with the vocabulary and models to initiate these sorts of conversations. Roy was also amazing at answering questions in a really no-nonsense, non-judgemental fashion. I recommend his workshops to absolutely everyone – whoever you are you’ll have something to learn from him.

  3. Nicole

    Before talking with Roy, I was really struggling with my poly set up, as well as my own insecurities. I came to Roy for expert help with navigating the unpredictability of an open relationship, and with accepting my feelings as they arise.

    Roy’s deep knowledge of body responses to anxiety was the best part of working with him. Since our session, I’ve been able to practice more radical acceptance of my feelings, and feel more grounded in my body. From that, I feel more grounded in my poly relationships.

    I 100% recommend Roy to anyone navigating the path of open relating. He’s a phenomenal guide, with a wonderful heart. I actively use resources from our session often!

  4. Katherine

    Roy provides a really safe space to process a range of emotions related to non-monogamy and also life in general. After my time with him I had more clarity and tools to help me work through some uncomfortable feelings.

    I really appreciate how he normalizes the range of emotions one can encounter when opening up a relationship and learning more about ones sexuality and relationship desires.
    He listens, offers questions for deeper reflection, and also tools and feedback that empower me to grow.

    I am so grateful that he is offering this help to the poly/non-mono/open community. It is so so beneficial!

  5. Patricia L.

    Roy has been instrumental in my journey towards understanding relationship dynamics that I want to embody. Though I sought him out initially as a monoamorous leaning individual who wanted to make sense of a fairly new polyamorous dynamic, our sessions turned out to be so much more.

    Roy was able to help me address my own needs and desires, connecting a lot of my challenges to my childhood (which I honestly didn’t think was possible, seeing my childhood as a positive, benign experience).

    Roy also calls me out in the kindest way possible when I generalise or use language that isn’t helpful, which I appreciate, because I do need this to also grow.

    As I navigate this new relationship dynamic, Roy is helping me connect to root of things and I look forward to even more sessions with him — learning things I can apply not just to my current partnership but other relationships in my life, too.

    I highly recommend Roy to those who are seeking to learn more about their needs, how to communicate these to their partners in an actionable but non-defensive way.

  6. Leigh

    Roy helped me through a new non-monogamy experience and sincerely listened to me with zero judgement. He talked me through what I was experiencing and guided me so that I could understand myself better. Highly recommend Roy’s coaching to anyone!

  7. Aude

    I have been 4.5y in a very loving and supportive relationship but where my needs for connection, intimacy and energetic/erotic depth are not met because of my partner’s trauma/different stage in his journey.
    Talking to Roy helped clarify that I needed to work on my boundaries and what are my needs and life aspirations.
    It helped me understand that I don’t have to feel guilty for who I am even if it is difficult for my bf.
    It helped me understand that it was not healthy to be in this saviour mode,
    trying to help him without even him wanting and that every person has their own journey.
    Standing for myself courageously as I am currently doing, being happy living the life I want,
    keeping my integrity and loving communication to him is all I can do.
    Roy’s difficult insight to accept but so true was “sometimes love is not enough if the values are different

  8. GK

    I had my first therapy call ever with Roy. After being very open and vulnerable about what I was up against, Roy was able to determine tendencies that I described to him to be consistent with ASD. I was never diagnosed with ASD during my lifetime but after learning about ASD and taking 4 separate tests I knew that I was somewhere on the spectrum. That discovery made a world of difference for me and it would not have been possible without Roy’s guidance. I will also add for those reading these reviews that therapy is a 2 way street. You must be able to share yourself to get an adequate assessment from your therapist. Easier said than done for some who struggle sharing themselves but keep that in mind.

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