If you are wondering whether I can help you, the easiest thing is to book a free, no obligation consultation call with me, over zoom. I can see you individually, or with a partner or partners.


Meeting clients over video, 7 days a week including early mornings and evenings, to cover multiple time zones (all calendar slots are in your local time zone).


My practice is based in London, UK where I see clients in-person in a treatment room close to London Bridge station. If you would like a physical session, please indicate this in the booking notes or contact me first to discuss regular sessions.

I reserve a small number of low-cost sessions. If you would like to request one of these sessions (unwaged or student), please contact me or consider joining the coaching club for small group work.

Roy’s deep knowledge of body responses to anxiety was the best part of working with him. Since our session, I’ve been able to practice more radical acceptance of my feelings, and feel more grounded in my body. From that, I feel more grounded in my poly relationships.

I 100% recommend Roy to anyone navigating the path of open relating. He’s a phenomenal guide, with a wonderful heart.

Nicole, 2021