Open Relating is not a relationship practice. It is my view of the world and all human relationships.

I offer coaching to individuals, couples and polycules. I can help with relationship issues, honesty and authenticity in relating, life transformation and major life crises.

My support is offered as a mentor, consultant and coach. I use a variety of methodologies I am trained in, along with my extensive lived experience, to best support you with your journey.

I offer coaching and counselling following the Psychosynthesis modality, currently under supervision. I am a trainee therapist (in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy training) working with a supervisor. My support to you is based on lived experience, a great deal of self-experimentation, exploration, a range of educational courses and 7+ years of running workshops and facilitating groups.

In 2021 I launched a course on creating an abundance mindset, that helps people challenge their preconceptions and inherited beliefs, to build authentic relationships.

My recorded workshops and webinars are available for free or a small fee.

I have lived adventurously and curiously and had a varied career in business development and marketing for over 20 years, living on different continents and collecting many life experiences. Over this time, I’ve lived in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.

My first 20 years adulting were unconsciously monogamous by default. I was in several long term relationships including being married and becoming a father. Briefly (and ignorantly) I’ve experimented with an open marriage and long distance non-monogamy, which unsurprisingly, considering my lack of experience and knowledge, didn’t work out. 

A personal and financial crisis in 2010, forced me to completely re-evaluate my life and values, go through therapy and dig deep inside for selfawareness and self-love. 

I was introduced to non-monogamy in 2014, and have identified as polyamorous since, experiencing a wide variety of relationship dynamics in the spectra of multigamy. Assimilating knowledge from diverse sources and making many of my own mistakes, I’ve learnt a great deal over the past 10 years. 

Since 2014 I’ve been giving talks, facilitating discussions and holding workshops about non-monogamy, sex positivity, consent and kink to audiences of up to 300 people. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, these experiences led me to train in psychotherapy following the Psychosynthesis modality.  

I draw on my training modality, Radical Honesty, Non-violent Communication and Wheel of Consent training.  I offer coaching and mentoring to individuals, couples and polycules. I can help you with relationship issues, honesty and authenticity in relating, life transformation and major life crises. 

Why is polyamory the right emotional connection type for me personally? 

In monogamy, I felt restricted (not through the fault of my partners, we didn’t even know of the option). I now know that when I feel free, I am the best version of myself and my partners also benefit from that.

The increasing complexity of human life means that expanding the options for human connection and intimacy can be seen as part of social evolution. In Western culture, at least, people have created a society that values individualism, and pushes us to seek happiness as an ideal.

What Multigamy brings is a path to more intimate social connections that combines our individual needs with stronger social ties to community. Having the choice to explore deeper connections with more people can be seen as an evolutionary force.

This is not a suggestion that there is anything wrong with choosing monogamy. I support all and any consensual relationship dynamics and structures that bring enrichment and purpose to the individuals involved. The basic toolkit you need for healthy, intimate, autonomous and boundaried relationship is always the same

I run a London-based non-monogamous men’s support group and moderate several Facebook groups related to sex positivity and polyamory.

This song really resonates with me, I invite you to listen to the lyrics and enjoy.

My focus is on open, conscious communication and empowering people to build autonomous, connected, interdependent relationships. Book a free appointment with me today.

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