Open Relating is not just a practice. It is my view of the world and all human relationships.

I offer coaching to individuals, couples and polycules. I can help with relationship issues, honesty and authenticity in relating, life transformation and major life crises.

My support is offered as a mentor, consultant and coach. I use a variety of methodologies I am trained in, along with my extensive lived experience, to best support you with your journey.

I offer therapy following the Psychosynthesis modality, currently under supervision. I am a trainee therapist (in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy training) working with a supervisor. My support to you is based on lived experience, a great deal of self-experimentation, exploration, a range of educational courses and 7+ years of running workshops and facilitating groups.

In 2021 I launched a course on creating an abundance mindset, that helps people challenge their preconceptions and inherited beliefs, to build authentic relationships.

My recorded workshops and webinars are available for free or a small fee.

I have had a varied career in business development and marketing for 20+ years, living on different continents and collecting many life experiences. I have lived in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.

My first 20 years adulting were unconsciously monogamous by default. I was in several long term relationships including a marriage, and also became a father.

I briefly (and rather ignorantly) experimented with an open marriage and long distance non-monogamy, which unsurprisingly, considering my lack of experience and knowledge, didn’t work out. 

Then a personal and financial crisis in 2010, forced me to completely re-evaluate my life and values, go through therapy and dig deep inside for selfawareness and self-love. 

I was introduced to consensual non-monogamy in 2011, and have identified as polyamorous since, experiencing a wide variety of relationship dynamics in the spectra of multigamy. I have assimilated knowledge from diverse sources and, most importantly, have made my own mistakes, and learnt a great deal from them. 

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, these experiences led me to train in psychotherapy following the Psychosynthesis modality, and formalise what had been a hobby since 2014. I’ve been giving talks, facilitating discussions and holding workshops about non-monogamy, sex positivity, consent and kink to audiences of up to 300 people. 

I draw on my training modality, Radical Honesty, Non-violent Communication and Wheel of Consent training.  I offer coaching and mentoring to individuals, couples and polycules. I can help you with relationship issues, honesty and authenticity in relating, life transformation and major life crises. 

I also run a London-based non-monogamous men’s support group and moderate several Facebook groups related to sex positivity and polyamory.

This song really resonates with me, I invite you to listen to the lyrics and enjoy.

My focus is on open, conscious communication and empowering people to build autonomous, connected, interdependent relationships. Book a free appointment with me today.

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