As a coach and counselor I am committed to uphold professional conduct and ethical standards that are aligned with the ethics codes of the major accreditation bodies in the UK. I am accredited with NCPS and follow their ethics guidelines. Below, I outline in detail what my professional and personal standards are, under 5 broad categories.

If you have any concerns, you can submit an anonymous complaints form or contact my accredited body and follow their complaints procedure.

Acting in the client’s best interests, I will:

  1. Respect my clients’ autonomy and agency at all times.
  2. Not have sexual, romantic or emotional contact or relationships with clients.
  3. Not initiate sexual, romantic or emotional contact with current or past clients.
  4. Not exploit or abuse my professional relationship with clients (current or past) for any purpose including emotional, sexual or financial gain.
  5. Not harm or collude in the harming of my clients or the clients of others.

Maintaining professional standards, I will:

  1. Decline any gifts, favours, money or hospitality that might be interpreted as exploitative.
  2. Be aware of the power imbalance between the practitioner and client, and avoid dual or multiple
    client relationships that may impact adversely on a client.
  3. If a dual or multiple client relationship is necessary, I will take responsibility for clarifying and managing boundaries and protecting confidentiality.
  4. Exercise all reasonable care before entering into a personal or business relationship with former
    clients, taking into account the time that has elapsed since therapy ended.
  5. Recognise that my behaviour outside professional life may have an effect on my relationship
    with clients and take responsibility for critically examining these potential negative or positive effects to the benefit of the client.
  6. Offer only the forms of coaching and support in which I have had adequate training or experience.
  7. Understand the limits of my competence and stay within them in all my professional activity and refer clients to another professional when appropriate.
  8. Ensure my continuing ability to practise by securing supervision and ongoing professional education.
  9. Ensure that I do not work with clients if I am not able to do so for physical or mental health reasons, or when impaired by the effects of drugs, alcohol or medication.
  10. Make considered and timely arrangements for the termination of a coaching relationship, if I am unable to continue to practise, ensuring that clients are informed and alternative practitioners are identified where possible.

Regarding communication and consent, I will:

  1. Provide in my advertising, and on request, a clear and honest statement of the qualifications
    relevant to my field of practice, and advertise my services accurately
    and in a responsible and professional manner, without exaggeration.
  2. Not make any claims which I cannot demonstrate to be true.
  3. Explain to a client or prospective client, my terms, fees and conditions. Have information
    readily available to clarify other related questions such as likely length of support, methods of
    practice to be used, the extent of my own involvement, complaints processes and how to make a
    complaint, as well as arrangements for referral and termination of support.
  4. Confirm my client’s consent to the specifics of the service I offer through clear communication at
    the outset of coaching.
  5. Help clients to understand the nature of any proposed coaching method and its implications, what to expect, the risks involved, what is and is not being offered, and relevant alternative options.
  6. Only participate in research about clients, with clients’ verifiable and informed consent before the
    commencement of research, clarifying the nature, purpose and conditions of any research in which clients are involved and in accordance with relevant codes and guidance.
  7. Make available an online complaints form that can be submitted anonymously.
  8. Make available an accountability peer that can objectively deal with complaints that require redress.

Maintaining confidentiality and trust, I will:

  1. Maintain an awareness of, and comply with, all legal and professional obligations which apply to my practice.
  2. Ensure that any communication in which I take part, and in particular my participation in social
    media, is carried out in a manner consistent with this Code.
  3. Co-operate with any lawful investigation or inquiry relating to your psychotherapeutic practice.

In regards to social responsibility, I will:

  1. Actively consider issues of diversity and equality, and acknowledge the need for a continuing process of self-enquiry and professional development.
  2. Not allow prejudice about a client’s sex, age, colour, race, disability, communication skills, sexuality,
    lifestyle, religious, cultural or political beliefs, social economic or immigration status to adversely
    affect the way I relate to them.
  3. Avoid behaviour that can be perceived as abusive or detrimental to any client or colleague based on the above factors.
  4. Make available affordable ways to access my coaching services to clients who are unable to pay the full personal coaching rates (See below or contact me for low-cost options).
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