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  • This session lasts 80 minutes and can be booked as a single or double slot.
  • Sessions cost a little more on weekends and evenings.
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  • You can tick the box below to add a 4,6 or 8 sessions, which will apply a discount to all sessions. You will then receive an email with a coupon code to use for booking all subsequent appointments.
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In a coaching and mentoring hour, I offer peer support, motivation, practical advice and insights.

The first session is all about context: Understanding your needs and expectations, learning your background and offering insights and reflections. In some cases, a single session or double session, to help clarify thoughts and process challenges, is all that is needed. In other cases, we will structure a plan that sets goals and objectives to where you’d like to be in the end.

This may take between 4-8 sessions.

You can ask me about relationship dynamics, how to get started with opening-up, how to deal with jealousy or anything else related to relationship communication, healthy boundaries and personal fulfilment. Whether you are in a monogamous or non-monogamous relationship, I offer a judgment-free, empathetic space for you to share and process. Relationship coaching requires commitment to honesty, openness and vulnerability.

My approach is inclusive of all genders, identities, kinks and is sex-positive and non-judgemental. I look for what works best for my clients.

Once booked, please look for an email confirmation from Open Relating with a link to the online meeting. You have the option to check the box for a 4,6 or 8 sessions, which gives you a session discount applied immediately, along with booking your first session.

Remember to check your SPAM box in case the confirmation email accidentally ends up there (emails may come from or

1 review for Coaching – partnered

  1. Pavla and Marvin

    We asked Roy to work with us on communication in our relationship. Roy brought very interesting questions for us to answer to each other and new perspectives on the topics we were dealing with. Coming from the Radical Honesty background, we have quite a specific way of expressing our emotions and needs, and we feel Roy was very understanding and sensitive towards our special relationship dynamic as well as to both of us as individuals. We are grateful for the sessions we’ve had with him and we are looking forward to the future ones!

    Pavla & Marvin

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