Partnered Counselling/Coaching Introductory Package


A package for couples who are starting partnered counselling or coaching, includes

  • An individual session with each partner of 50 minutes
  • One partnered session of 80 minutes
  • Can be scheduled online at a convenient time for you
  • After check-out, you will receive a PDF to download containing a discount code, which you can use to schedule the sessions.
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For couples who are seeking to start counselling or coaching, I offer this starter package. I recommend that you first book a short free session with me, together, to talk about what to expect in the sessions.

Once you are ready to book, this package provides 3 sessions in total. Once you pay, you will download a PDF containing the discount code, which can be used to schedule the sessions on my website. Please first book an individual session for each partner separately, using the code. The 3rd session will be together as a couple. In that session we will address the issues together and agree on the next steps.

This package includes:

  • 2 x individual sessions (value £152)
  • 1 x partnered session (value £129)

Total package price: £260 / €300 / $310


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