• Relationship communication coaching
  • Coaching on dating and developing conscious relationships
  • Advice, guidance and support for the practice of non-monogamy and polyamory
  • Coaching for couples regardless of your relationship dynamic
  • Group support sessions – the Coaching Club

Love isn’t about becoming one. Keeping your individual identity autonomy and agency is important for healthy and sustainable love.

I see it as creating a new energy sphere between the lovers that they feed into, and grow together.

Syncing up your expectations at the start of a new relationship

This can save a lot of heartache down the road. Make sure to bring in your values, needs and boundaries early on.

It’s easier to hear things that don’t align, in the beginning. I can help with planning for a challenging conversation or help facilitate this talk. 

If you have anxiety around difficult relationships topics; if you are not sure what type of relationship dynamic is right for you; If you, or your partner are struggling with jealousy or insecurities around opening up a relationship, or communicating authentically, you can schedule a free no obligation call with me.

My support and consultation is not limited to people who want to practice polyamory or multigamy. The lessons inherent in living openly and with radical honesty, apply equally to all relationships of an intimate nature.

  • Coaching and support for individuals seeking to express their authentic Self
  • Couples relationship coaching that focuses on honest, authentic and conscious communication
  • Help with processing and managing what often comes up in a relationship – jealousy, lack of confidence, anxiety, fear of commitment or of loss.
  • Guidance on how to navigate polyamory and non-monogamy

Why is polyamory the right emotional connection type for me personally? 

In monogamy, I felt restricted (not through the fault of my partners, we didn’t even know of the option). I now know that when I feel free, I am the best version of myself and my partners also benefit from that.

The increasing complexity of human life means that expanding the options for human connection and intimacy can be seen as part of social evolution. In Western culture, at least, people have created a society that values individualism, and pushes us to seek happiness as an ideal.

What Multigamy brings is a path to more intimate social connections that combines our individual needs with stronger social ties to community. Having the choice to explore deeper connections with more people can be seen as an evolutionary force.

This is not a suggestion that there is anything wrong with choosing monogamy. I support all and any consensual relationship dynamics and structures that bring enrichment and purpose to the individuals involved. The basic toolkit you need for healthy, intimate, autonomous and boundaried relationship is always the same.

Getting into a relationship without questioning if it’s the right dynamic for you, is problematic.

You don’t have to struggle alone. Consider booking a free call, signing up to the next course or watching the webinars to gain more insights.

You can also find my profile on Joyclub, the sex positive social network.

Relationship success looks different depending on who you are, what beliefs you have and how much autonomy and agency you need.