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Solo Polyamory Day interview

On September 24, Solo Polyamory day was celebrated I was one of several speakers who spent about half an hour chatting with Mel Cassidy about Solo Polyamory. The recorded talk is below and you can also go to her Youtube channel to watch the entire days’ recordings. Video

welcoming abundance (video)

Roy speaking at the Temples of Eros social

The conscious sexuality community in London invited me to speak about Expansive Relationships. The recording of my short talk is below. It was followed by a lengthy Q&A session which I did not record, to preserve confidentiality. Open Relating is not, contrary to what some people ask me, about open relationships. Instead, it’s a path …

The Capitalist model of Romance

…the capitalist urge to get you to think of romance in terms of capital investment, finite resources and ‘growth’. Capitalism is defined by its reliance on the private sector to deliver what the market needs, urged by the profit motive. In theoretical, pure capitalism, the ‘invisible hand’ directs market actors to invest as needed in …

From scarcity to abundance

I believe that much of the problems and drama in relationships comes from an unconscious approach, that looks at love, sex, intimacy, touch, and attention as scarce resources that adult humans must compete for. What is a scarcity mindset? A long time ago, I used to have a strong fear of ending up old and …