Audio: Roy on the Authentic Man podcast (ep. 89)

Podcast release date 28 July 2021

I had a long chat with David Chambers of the Authentic Man podcast. Here is his intro to the episode:

Polyamory is still a bit of a social taboo, but why?

Have we been so entrenched in the idea that one person can only love one person at a time, or is it that we can’t bear the idea of having to deal with the jealousy of sharing our partner?

In monogamous relationships, are we placing too much pressure on our partners to fulfil all of our needs? And is that just leaving us with a string of disappointing relationships?

In this weeks episode, we will be answering all these questions and so much more.

This weeks guest Roy Graff is a mentor and coach who specialises in helping individuals, couples, and polycules navigate polyamory and conscious relating.

This week’s episode is a must-listen for anyone curious about polyamory, open relating, and conscious monogamy. There is so much practical information for bettering your relationships.

We talk about building open and honest polyamorous relationships through personal responsibility for needs and desire, boundaries and powerful communication. 

We dive deeply into how these same ideas can be brought into your monogamous relationship to form a deeper, happier and stronger bond. 

Roy and I talk from our own experience of open relating, polyamory and monogamy, what has worked and, more importantly, what has not!

You can listen to the podcast on:

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