Video/Audio: Roy and Leanne @polyphiliablog deep dive

I sat down for an hour long conversation with Leanne, a social media content creator who is an advocate for Polyamory on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Polyamory challenges traditional love and many societal norms, but one aspect that is not often talked about is how it can be a tool for anti-capitalist revolutionary change.

Roy (@openrelating) is a polyamorous personal coach who specialises in helping people of all relationship orientations discover and design their own unique, authentic, conscious and intentional relationships.

Together we discuss:

  • Roy’s journey to polyamory and, in particular, his story as a victim of abuse by a partner in his first nesting non-monogamous relationship
  • How polyamorous people face unique challenges when they are in toxic non-monogamous dynamics when it comes to seeking support or recognising the red flags in the first place
  • How polyamory challenged Roy’s toxic masculine beliefs as a man who grew up in macho culture
  • How polyamory can be used as a tool for building community, challenging the nuclear family, combating materialism, competitiveness and scarcity that is taught by capitalism, and much more.
  • Why Roy uses the term Multigamy instead of Non-Monogamy.



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