Audio: Roy appearing on the Open Late podcast with Jessica Esfandiary

(publish date: 15 March 2023)

Speaking with Jessica about my journey as a latecomer to polyamory and going into the weeds of solo-polyamory.


“It’s important for people to start feeling comfortable feeling uncomfortable.”

Jess interviews Roy Graff, a Relationship coach and Therapist from London who is also practicing Solo-polyamory. In this episode Roy shares his introduction to the open relationship world later in his life. They discuss a “savior complex,” codependency, and the importance of us knowing what we really want.  Jess and Roy also share their opinions on jealousy and how they experienced it in past relationships. They unravel the topic of a monogamous person dating a poly person, what is needed and what are the odds of survival of this relationship dynamic.  They also touch on how practicing solo-polyamory can actually help people who have trouble committing in traditional relationship styles.

 In this episode of Open Late,

 • The Savior Complex and our human need to fix everyone

• Experiencing, accepting and understanding jealousy in open relationships

• Importance of unraveling codependency with your partners

• Breaking the mold of mono-normativity

• How solo-polyamory can help overcome insecurities

• Attachment styles and commitment issues

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