10 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy & Loving Relationship

1) Communicate openly and honestly with your partner

  • discuss and agree what open honest communication looks like

2) Practice active listening and try to understand your partner’s perspective

  • recognise your partner has different values, needs and desires from you

3) Show appreciation and gratitude towards your partner

  • learn their love language and practice using it to express your love for them

4) Make time for eachother and prioritize your relationship

  • Each relationship is unique so comparing won’t achieve anything

5) Practice forgiveness and work through conflicts and misunderstandings

  • understand how you respond when your nervous system is activated and have strategies in place to regulate before engaging

6) Respect each other’s boundaries and needs

  • actively seek their boundaries and help them figure them out if they don’t know

7) Nurture your own personal growth and individual interests

  • prioritising your needs and advocating for yourself does not make you selfish

8) Practice self-care and prioritize your own well-being

  • if you are not able to do this for yourself, codependency can slowly become toxic dependency

9) Widen your emotional support network with friends, family, or therapy

  • your partner is not your entire world and that is not a responsibility one person should have

10) Have fun and keep the romance alive by trying new things and keeping the spark alive

  • embrace the unknown and welcome change

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