Is Polyamory an Orientation or an Adaptation?

Polyamory as a call to Self

The exploration of alternative relationship dynamics beyond Monogamy has increased dramatically in Western societies in recent years. While Monogamy has been the default and traditional way of relating for romance and sex in modern history, there have throughout history, been people who challenged the norm and human evolution contains evidence which suggests humans were not always Monogamous.

When the normative pattern is so dominant, challenging it comes with many costs – social, economic and psychological. It stands to reason that if Monogamy was a natural inclination, people would not risk those costs to express different ways of relating. Yet they do risk it, even in societies that punish such divergences harshly.

I feel that there is an important relevance to this study, which is to help bring acceptance and normalisation to the practice of Polyamory and make the path less difficult for those who start exploring ways of relating that do not follow the traditional path.

Among mental health professionals, there is still sadly little knowledge and understanding of Polyamorous dynamics and identities.  Many clients report being pathologized by their therapist for expressing their desire or even need for relationships that diverge from the normative. They feel judged and can develop self-doubt.

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