open relating coaching club

The Open Relating Coaching Club

I have been coaching individuals and groups since October, 2020 and running workshops on relationships, polyamory, concent, conscious relating etc. since 2015.

Due to the pandemic, everything has moved online since 2020 and looks like it has become our default way to consumer coaching, therapy and workshops these days.

In-person interaction is something I personally prefer. With that said, there is no denying that the ability to deliver direct coaching and run workshops over video means I can reach and work with people across multiple geographies. I’ve had clients from all over the world – Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Iran, Canada, USA, Brazil. In some of these places, there is a real lack of therapists and coaches who are fully experienced with non traditional relationship dynamics who can offer objective, affirming support.

Individual coaching sessions can be great, but are not always affordable. Living in the UK, my cost of living is high and I need to set rates accordingly. For many people, these rates may be prohibitive to commit to regular coaching, even if this is what can help them now.

I’ve decided to address this by launching the Open Relating Coaching Club. Club members will meet regularly (once a week or less often) in a small group setting online. Each week, I will answer questions and offer my perspective, as well as get the group to share and offer peer support. We can learn so much from each other in the right environment.

We will also tackle bigger topics and questions, with a discussion topic each week that members get to suggest and vote on. A chat group will offer on-going support between sessions.

If this is something that connects with you, please sign up on the form to be alerted when we kick off the club.

Click the link below to get started, or book me for a free half hour call to discuss and ask questions.

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