Poly (pod)cast with Roy Graff

Audio: Roy guest on the Poly (pod) cast: solo-polyamory and multigamy

(publish date: 12 June 2023)

I had a great chat with Siobhan and Richard about multigamy, my polyamorous journey and many other topics.

Episode 5

Today we welcome our very first guest to the show, Roy Graff!

We talk about the importance of vocabulary and how non-monogamous people are often defined by what they are not.

We chat about Roy’s answer to this problem with his concept ‘Multigamy‘ and query why we add the qualifiers ‘ethical’ and/or ‘consensual’ to the term non-monogamy.

Plus, Question Of The Week returns where we ask Roy a question he gets asked a lot as someone who’s Solo Poly.

But before all that, Rich and Siobhan talk about how Polyam people connect in the wild, and the idea of exploring group sex with your mates.

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