Solo-Polyamory: what is it and how can it work for you? (London, 25 Feb)


This will take place in East London.

  • The venue address will be sent to ticket holders in advance
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  • Following the talk, there will be a separate social event for the London Polyamory community which you are welcome to attend (buy the combined ticket if you like, or purchase separately later).
  • The event will be recorded and made available for later viewing online (please select ‘recording‘ to be emailed the video after the event).
  • Early bird prices till 31 Jan.
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Ro Moëd from @Unapolygetically and Roy Graff from @OpenRelating will be in conversation about their own Solo-Polyamory journey and their work as coaches within the Polyamorous community.

Solo-Polyamory (SoPo for short) is defined as a custom designed relationship dynamic that centres my relationship with myself. I am making a conscious decision not to seek out or work towards having a primary and/or nesting partner. Each person may practice Solo-Polyamory differently. Some SoPo people do live with one or more partners, and make agreements that ensure their autonomy and agency are preserved.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A about the intricacies of Solo-Polyamory.

Some of the topics that we will tackle:

  • How is Solo-Polyamory different to ‘Single and dating’?
  • What to do about friends and family who don’t take your relationships seriously when you say you are solo-polyamorous?
  • Should you be dating people in hierarchical relationships?
  • If you are in a primary relationship, how do you communicate your priorities and boundaries with a solo-Polyamorous person?
  • What are some of the benefits that people gain from being Solo-Polyamorous?

We will be taking questions from the audience in the venue and online. As this event will be recorded, you will have the option to submit your questions anonymously as well. 

Stay for the social that will start after the talk, with people from the London Polyamory community joining in to bring in Spring. You can purchase a combined ticket, return later to book it from the website or take your chances on the door – we are likely to sell out for both events.

About the speakers:

Ro Moëd

Ro Moëd

Ro Moëd is a coach and writer who makes content about Polyamory, Relationship Anarchy and personal growth on social media. Being openly Solo Polyamorous, she’s had plenty of practice explaining what this label means and understands first-hand the stigma that can be attached to it.
This has led her to specialise in helping clients be more authentic and autonomous, not only by understanding how they can design a life in alignment with their personal values, but also by understanding their interactions with others and how they can positively affect these.
Instagram + Facebook: @unapolygetically
Twitter: @unapolygetic


Roy Graff

Roy is a Relationship Coach and Psychotherapist, predominantly supporting people along their non-monogamous journeys.
He talks regularly about Polyamory, Non-Monogamy, Consent and Boundaries in relationships.
Roy is the admin of London Polyamory group on Facebook and Telegram.
He has talked about Solo-Polyamory in this Podcast and has written a personal article about his Solo-Polyamorous journey. 
He creates content about expansive and conscious relationships on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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