Open Relating Masterclass: The art of expansive relating (March 2023)


Open Relating masterclass – recorded March 2023

Learn how to create and maintain Expansive Relationships, respecting yours and your partners’ boundaries and embracing a mindset of abundance in your connections. This class is for anyone who wants to build healthy, meaningful relationships, regardless of gender, orientation, sexual identity etc. 

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Being raised on a diet of monogamous romantic fantasies, most people develop a mythological sense of what healthy relationships look like. Once we recognise love as separate from ‘meeting needs’, we are on our path to a better way of loving ourselves and others. We can design our relationships in any way that makes sense to us and our partners – we can create our own Expansive Relationship.

If what society says we should be doing feels unnatural, then do it differently. Nothing is ‘default’ or ‘natural’, except what feels natural to us. When there is an internal struggle, it is often because we inherit a set of values and expectations from our community, family and tribe that are at odds with what we feel inside.

Who is the class for? 

If you have ever felt restricted or limited in traditional monogamous relationships, or realised that the expectations placed on us in these relationships are unrealistic, you will benefit from attending. We examine the underlying needs we have for comfort, love, companionship, sex, safety and security and how this can help us determine which relationship dynamic will be best for us. 

What do we cover in this class? 

  • Unlearning mono-normative norms and core beliefs. 
  • The importance of embodied consent and healthy boundaries in any relationship
  • Learning about the various relationship options along the spectrum and how to know what might work for you
  • Adopting an abundance mindset when it comes to love and sex.  


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