From Monogamy to Multigamy – opening up a relationship (Recorded Dec23)


Expanding the limits of our relationship – from monogamy to multigamy

  • A recording of the talk (1hr) and accompanying presentation
  • After completing check-out, you will be asked to download a PDF with the link and password to view the workshop


In this 2 hours workshop, I discuss and unpack the challenges and common mistakes couples often make when they decide to open up their relationship.

The workshop includes a talk & presentation

  • When is the best time to open up a relationship?
  • What do we need to consider and talk about before exploring multigamy (non-monogamy)?
  • How exploring multigamy can benefit our relationship and what are the potential downsides?
  • How do we unpack our couple’s privilege?
  • Addressing issues of hierarchy in relationships
  • What happens when jealousy enters the picture?
  • How to develop compersion towards my partner?
  • Managing the difficult conversations and resolving conflicts

Your facilitator:

Roy is a life and relationship coach who draws on his training in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, Radical Honesty, Non-violent Communication and Wheel of Consent training to offer coaching and mentoring to individuals and partnered people. He is an educator with social media content about conscious, expansive relationships and a licensed counsellor. Roy’s own lived experience includes marriage, being in monogamous and open relationships, hierarchical and egalitarian polyamory, and solo-polyamory.