Creating Expansive Relationships – private course


Create and maintain conscious, connected and autonomous relationships, respecting yours and your partners’ boundaries

This course is for anyone who wants to build healthy, meaningful relationships, regardless of gender, orientation, sexual identity etc. After all, the basic principles of good communication, healthy boundaries, honesty and respect apply to all.

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With every relationship I have, be it romantic or friendship, I want to ask: Is my autonomy preserved? Am I consciously present? Do I feel connected?

Being raised on a diet of monogamous romantic fantasies, most people develop a mythological sense of what healthy relationships look like. Once we recognise love as separate from ‘meeting needs’, we are on our path to a better way of loving ourselves and others. We can design our relationships in any way that makes sense to us and our partners.

If what society says we should be doing feels unnatural, then do it differently. Nothing is ‘default’ or ‘natural’, except what feels natural to us. When there is an internal struggle, it is often because we inherit a set of values and expectations from our community, family and tribe that are at odds with what we feel inside.

We can learn to switch from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.

The course consists of 4 private workshops of 90 minutes each, held via Zoom.

Every week there will be thought exercises and practice to do at home.

  • Week 1. What are the monogamyths that help create our scarcity mindset? How can we unlearn them? 
  • Week 2. How I relate to myself and to others. My values and boundaries, love languages and connection style.
  • Week 3. Dealing with jealousy, expressing authentically and arguing compassionately. 
  • Week 4. The abundance mindset: challenging relationship heterodoxy and discovering the myriad ways for connection and relationships. 

Additional benefits of the course include

  1. Four core workshops
  2. Handout at end of the course with resources for additional practice via articles, videos, podcasts and books
  3. Recording of all workshops
  4. Presentation content of all workshops as a PDF
  5. 25% discount on coaching sessions with Roy for 12 months


  • Full refund if cancelled up to 72 hours prior to start.
  • 10% admin fee, if cancelled less than 72 hours before.


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