Polyamory Day 2021 – Recorded talks


Polyamory Day 2021 is a digital showcase of polyamory and non-monogamy in the UK and Ireland.

A full day of digital events, skills sharing and socialising spaces.

All sessions (excluding socialising spaces) are recorded and access to them is included in the pass.

Tickets are on a sliding scale £10-£20.


List of talks

Tamas David-Barrett on human evolution and relationships evolution

Polyamory and the Law with Myles Jackman

Black and Poly in the UK/Ireland with Majaeste, Midnight Iris and Rhyanna

Polyamory and Neurodivergence with Rachel Jane Cooke and Leanne Yau

Relationship Anarchist Bootcamp with Claire Louise Travers

Coaches Corner with Roy Graff and Ro Moed

Kate Smurthwaite in conversation with Claire Louise Travers