Conscious Play Fighting (Manchester, 6 October)


Date: 6 October 7-10pm

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7:00-10:00 pm

Play fighting is all about connection to your own body and energies flowing through it. From that space you can wrestle and play in a wholesome, connected, delicious way with other beings. What you discover in this kind of deeply embodied connection with others is likely to surprise you!

Perhaps your body, and spirit, crave gentleness and flowing, perhaps there’s a lot of passion, fire and wildness yearning to be expressed. You might awaken your creativity or meet your Inner Child. It can be playful, silly, deeply spiritual and/or a way of fully knowing your body.

In the workshop, we will talk through safety practices, demonstrate techniques and go through a series of fun and connecting exercises to warm up and create an intimate container.

Importantly, we will explore boundaries and consent and learn to communicate them in explicit and nonverbal ways.

Everyone who wants to, will have an opportunity to challenge another for a play fight in the circle.

Details of the evening

  • 7:00 pm arrival
  • We prefer that you don’t consume recreational drugs or alcohol for 12 hours prior to the event
  • Soft drinks, tea and snacks are provided, and you can bring your own snacks or light meal for the break
  • Venue address will be emailed to all attendees the day before the event



Alice’s review: Temples of Eros review & how to embrace primal play fighting

Carla’s review: Carla’s play fighting experience

“Thank you so much for yesterday’s workshop. It reawakened for me the amazing power of fighting, within our boundaries, to move stuck emotions and energy. It’s something we don’t get to do much (well I haven’t) but it’s so natural and can be so incredibly safe. I take away some lovely tools, but primarily it was the experience of support, acceptance and encouragement from the group and space holders that enabled me to go into it. Curiously being challenged by a partner to a playfight – which brought up some long running issues – felt so much safer and had a greater transformative power in this space than if we’d been alone. I felt supported to reveal more parts of myself, and relieved and encouraged to experience their acceptance. And I want more, thank you!
Love and gratitude, Anna”

“Play Fighting workshop was everything I had hoped for: well-organised, fun, energetic and intense. It was lovely to witness a variety of play fighting styles from competitive to sensual to almost erotic (had I stayed for the optional Temple, I’m sure eroticism would have been the main energy ingredient). I was pleased to see how quickly a bunch of standers are able to authentically connect with each other on a wide range of levels within the safety of the play space. Kudos to the organisers, for their excellent teamwork and professionalism. The next Play Fighting is on 15th April and I can highly recommend to anyone to attend it.”

Kristina (@lora.poly).


“It was with great anticipation that I went to the Play fighting workshop. I was not disappointed it provided a space for me to be physical, powerful and playful with others. Wrestling, pushing, grabbing, snarling, rolling around – I loved it. A place to let out my inner animal without inhibition. I came away more confident and grateful to experience this part of my erotic nature with others .I learned so much about myself thank you.  Dee”

Your facilitators: 

Roy Graff is a counsellor, life and relationship coach who draws on his training in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy, Radical Honesty, Non-violent Communication and Wheel of Consent training as well as extensive and multicultural lived experience. He offers coaching and mentoring to individuals and partnered people. He can help with relationship issues, honesty and authenticity in relating, life transformation and major life crises.

Roy first tried play-fighting in 2018 and became a lifelong fan. He started facilitating play-fights at festivals in 2021 and has been running them regularly in London and other cities since 2022.

You can read more about Roy on his bio.





Carla Crivaro is a Sex, Love & Relationship Coach. She helps men and women who feel insecure and unsatisfied in the bedroom and who feel lonely and unheard in their relationship. She does this by creating safe spaces for men and women to learn more about their unconscious patterns and behaviours. She does this so they can feel desirable and confident in the bedroom and have a greater connection and intimacy with their partner and feel heard and seen in the relationship.

Here’s an article Carla has written about play fighting.

Learn more about Carla.

Venue: Pathway Studios, Manchester, M50 2XH

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