London Polyamory Community Spring Social (25 February)


  • Scroll to read the event description below
  • There is a talk about Solo-Polyamory taking place earlier in the afternoon. You can purchase a combined ticket here if you are interested
  • For the Polyamorous and Non-Monogamous community in London, a non-profit, community centred event
  • Inclusive of all and all are welcome
  • No need to print a ticket – bring your order number, and your name will be on the list
  • Each person attending must register with their name. If you are buying multiple tickets, please email all names to us
  • Snacks will be included and you can order food in
  • A welcome drink will be offered (Alcoholic or non-alcoholic)


This is the second post Covid-19 in-person social for our community. Let’s celebrate the Spring of 2023 together.
We have a dedicated, private space with a cash bar where we can socialise, party and connect until 10pm. Perhaps this will be the highlight of your day, or perhaps it’s the pre-drinks for what’s to come next.
Please remember that this is a community event, not a place for cruising and pickup. People will have very different personal boundaries and may present differently to their gender. Check-in with people’s pronouns and their comfort level around hugging, touch and personal space. If you feel that anyone is making you feel uncomfortable in any way, please speak to one of the organisers and volunteers who will make themselves known.
  • Thanks to our repeat sponsor, JOYclub, we will offer a welcome drink to everyone.
  • Cash bar from 6:00-11:00 pm.
  • Everyone must be out by 11 pm – please leave quietly in consideration of the neighbours.
Your hosts:

Roy Graff

Roy is a Relationship Coach and Psychotherapist, predominantly supporting people along their non-monogamous journeys.
He talks regularly about Polyamory, Non-Monogamy, Consent and Boundaries in relationships.
Roy is the admin of London Polyamory group on Facebook and Telegram, and runs a regular Conscious Men’s Sharing Circle.


Stu Dixon

Stu is a queer, poly, kinky, geeky, softy pants who began exploring polyamory in 2008, and has been hosting poly community events in one form or another since 2010.

He dreams of a world in which people are open hearted and kind to each other, and where there are safe spaces for everyone.

Stu is the organiser of London Poly and Open Cocktails group.

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Hatch – Homerton

8 Mackintosh Ln, London E9 6AB