Boundaries & Consent (London, 21 Dec)


Workshop, London, 21 December

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  • Limited spaces
  • The work is both solo and in pairs and threes.
  • All touch is optional and not necessary for getting the benefit of the workshop
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle


Have you been curious about attending a play party, Temple Night, or other sex-positive event, but were perhaps a bit nervous about it? Not sure what is the etiquette, how to gracefully make requests, approach people, negotiate and – feel confident enough about it to actually enjoy your time there?

Have you heard about boundaries & consent but are not quite sure how to talk about them or feel uncomfortable when the need to do so comes up? Would you like to communicate better with your partner, or maybe you want to explore sex-positive events but are concerned if you can navigate them well?

We have something just for you 🙂

It’s an excellent workshop for beginners and people with some experience who want to get more practice with boundaries and consent in intimate interactions. It’s a very important concept in order to make us more comfortable and to establish trust when interacting with others in that way.

We will explore various tools for discovering and expressing your boundaries and consent, how they feel in the body, and how to navigate situations when you’re not sure. We’ll also talk about the factors that may impact your boundaries at different times.

This workshop will help you to:

  • feel more comfortable interacting with partners, lovers, and at sex-positive events

  • help you understand how to track your own boundaries and get more comfortable expressing them

  • play with the verbal and non-verbal consent to make any intimate interaction more smooth and enjoyable for all parties involved


We recommend you arrive around 645pm, and we’ll start at 7pm sharp. No arrivals admitted after this point. 


Cambridge Heath, Hackney, London

Please reach out with any questions at

Your facilitators: 

Margot Zwiefka is a psychologist, somatic coach, artist and art therapist. She has trained with numerous tantra teachers and ISTA (also as an assistant), and has experience with co-creating sacred sexual spaces. The desire for expression and empowerment has been the driving force behind both her work and personal journey. She takes joy in supporting people on their paths towards greater freedom, self-discovery and courageous living. Her work and art are infused with shamanic perspective of the world, creating bridges to the realm of spirit and bringing back inspiration and new ways of seeing our lives.

Roy is a life and relationship coach who draws on his training in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy, Radical Honesty, Non-violent Communication and Wheel of Consent training to offer coaching and mentoring to individuals, couples and polycules. He can help you with relationship issues, honesty and authenticity in relating, life transformation and major life crises. Roy completed the Like a Pro Wheel of Consent training with Betty Martin in 2022 and has given consent and boundaries workshops at different festivals and retreats.