Alternative Relationship Summit (external)

13-14 January

❤️  7+ different relationship styles, from non-monogamy to singledom, from triads to throuples, from vees to platonic romances

👨🏼‍⚖️  How our speakers deal with disapproving family members and conservative employers

🌈  More about people who are LGBTQ+ AND poly and how being non-monogamous with children works

💫  How our speakers deal with jealousy and other challenges and, what exactly makes pursuing an alternative lifestyle worth it


A few weeks ago I was interviewed by Sarah Stroh for the Alternative Relationship Summit, and it was a fun process.

In the interview, I talk about my polyamorous journey, some of the struggles and joys and the lessons I have learned in the process.

You can see the interview by registering for the summit, which takes place on Jan 13-14, for free.

You’ll get access to my interview as well as the interviews with 27 others — all humans who in some way are doing love outside of the “norm”.

It helps to hear directly from a variety of people from different walks of life, ages and cultures.

They also offer a paid pass (USD 38) that gives access to the recordings also after the broadcast date with a range of other benefits.


Using the link provided means that if you do choose to purchase the pass, I receive 50% of the revenue.